Welcome to our complete course for new sewists! In these lessons, you'll learn everything you need to know to make beautiful home-sewn garments. We know that it can be difficult to know where to start, so we've broken it down into a series of lessons, each with an easy free project, so that you can learn to sew with us for free.

Can everyone learn to sew?

It is much simpler than you think to master the basics of sewing. The act of sewing at its simplest is just attaching two pieces of fabric together with thread. Beyond that, everything else is just about practice. In this learn to sew series, we will take you through the steps to learn all the key skills you need to master dressmaking!

Children can begin learning to sew with plastic sewing needles and felt fabric from a young age, and lots of folks continue sewing all their lives!

Sewing is a fantastic craft because you can make projects very quickly, and even complete beginners can sew simple clothes.

The other great thing about learning to sew is that it is relatively easy to teach yourself to start sewing. It may take a little patience, but once you've mastered the basics you can follow the steps to make your own clothes.

That said, some members of the sewing community do face bigger challenges than others. You will need a certain amount of manual dexterity for fine sewing and it can be physically taxing to cut out fabric and to sit at a sewing machine for a long time, so if you have certain disabilities you may need to find strategies to make sewing more comfortable for you. There is a huge and wonderful community of disabled sewists who frequently share tips and tricks to help make sewing more accessible. For example, if you use a wheelchair you might want to check out the SewnShownSeated tag on instagram to get an idea of how a pattern might look when you're sitting down, and check out the ChronicallySewn tag to meet folks with chronic conditions who love to sew.


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Essential Sewing Supplies For Beginners

What do you need in your sewing kit as a beginner? Before you start learning to sew, you will need to pick up a few essentials. Assuming you will be using a machine, you will need:

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Learn To Sew Lesson 1: Sewing With a Machine for Beginners

Free PDF Pattern: Neck Pillow & Eye Mask

Take it step by step to sew this lovely relaxing set. Because let's face it, you deserve a little bit of chill-out time!

This pattern will teach you:

Free Beginner's Pattern: Eye mask and travel pillow

Machine Sewing Tutorials

If you're new to sewing, or an experienced sewist who just wants a refresher, check out our fantastic range of expert tutorials to learn all you need to know to master your machine!

Learn to Sew Lesson 2: How to Sew Clothes for Beginners

Free PDF Pattern: Learn to Make an Easy Top

This pattern will teach you:


Learn to Sew Lesson 3: Dressmaking Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Free PDF Pattern: Sew a Simple Skirt with Pockets

This pattern will teach you:


Learn to Sew Lesson 4: How to Sew a Dress for Beginners

Free PDF Pattern: Make Your First Dress

This pattern will teach you: