Cover the inside of the card base with contrasting patterned papers as shown.


Score a 9x13.5cm piece of kraft cardstock at 0.5cm, 7.5cm and 13cm.


Create the legs of the workbench by cutting at 1cm and 8cm up to the 2nd scoreline at 7.5cm. Ink edges of the table and secure it to the inside of the card base.


Stamp the woodgrain pattern onto a 1.5x9.5cm panel of kraft cardstock, mount it to the end of the workbench and repeat to create the shelf.


Stamp a selection of tools, colour, cut them out and arrange them in the scene and add pearls as shown.


Stamp the sentiment onto the card base, stamp the sign onto kraft cardstock, cut it out and affix it to the back of the card base.