It's always fun to find out the stories behind our favourite shops, so we sat down for a quick chat with Elaine from Sashilly Knits and Pieces in Ashton-Under-Lyne.

What's your shop called?

Full title is Sashilly Knits and Pieces, but it's usually just Knits and Pieces as it is quite a mouthful!    

Is there a story behind the name?

Before I opened the shop I made jewelry and other craft items which I sold on local Artisan Markets, I was called Sashilly Crafts. Sashilly is named after my two dogs, Sasha and Lilly. Sadly Sasha passed away recently, but the name lives on. Sasha was a black lab, Lilly is a very bouncy Cairn Terrier Cross who likes the sound of her own voice! There are photos of both dogs in the shop.    

Where is your shop and what is the neighbourhood like?

My shop address is 13 Fletcher Street, Ashton under Lyne, OL6 6BY. The shop is situated just behind the indoor market hall, in a pedestrianised area. Car parks are very close by.    

Who works at your shop?

Just me!

What makes your shop special?

My original aim was to have a wide variety of yarns at affordable costs. Before the shop, I sold yarns on the outdoor market, people would stop and chat as they passed by, I wanted to keep that friendly open house type feel. People often pop in to tell me about their families, or just to say hello. I love that! Customers tell me the shop has a warm, calm atmosphere, they love to sit and chat. (Chairs also available for weary shopping partners!) I also wanted to make sure that customers with mobility difficulties were still able to access the shop, I have a ramp and space for wheelchairs, walkers, and of course prams to move around. I have quite a few doggy visitors too!    

What are your most popular yarns?

I recently started stocking Stylecraft yarns, these are proving very popular. I also stock James C Brett, Robin, Woolcraft.    

Do you have a knitting group?

I don't have a Knitting group, but I do small crochet classes several days a week. These are always fully booked and very popular.    

When do they meet?

Currently they are Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays but do vary according to demand.

What's your favourite piece of crochet advice?

Just enjoy yourself, have fun and don't worry about mistakes, we all make them and they add to your uniqueness.    

Address: 13 Fletcher Street, Ashton under Lyne, OL6 6BY  

Phone number: 0161 343 6488  


Email address:

Twitter: @sashillyknits  

Facebook: Sashilly Knits and Pieces @sashillyknits