Tear a piece of copy paper roughly in half and cover half of a 4¼x5½” piece of white cardstock. Brush Rose Quartz ink up from the bottom to form the bottom half of the sky, then blend Sea Breeze from the top of the panel to meet the pink.


Next using the Turquoise ink, brush lines in the snow by brushing the ink downwards from the edge of the torn copy paper. Move the paper and repeat twice.


Stamp the trees across the card using Watering Can ink, then stamp the deer and two of the birds into place using Jet Black ink. Add a third bird in grey ink so that it looks further away. Stamp the sentiment using Jet Black ink again.


Cut a piece of cardstock to measure 5¾x4½” and blend Turquoise ink around the edges then stamp the small snowflake all around the edge using Blue Bird ink. Adhere to the card base then adhere the winter scene to the card base using 3D foam pads. Add lines of glitter glue under the trees and deer to finish.