Given our new found need to stay at home and keep ourselves entertained there is no better time to try your hand at something new and perhaps pick up a new hobby!

We want to put the focus on to crochet - it's a great beginner craft as it's easy and inexpensive to set-up and get started (you only need a hook and some wool).

Not only is it a lovely hobby that produces beautifully crafted items, but it can also help to reduce stress, focus your mind, and improve memory. The art of crochet is very mindful, it allows you to focus on the here-and-now and forget about outside distractions and anxieties. This is why if you experience stress or mood swings in your daily life crochet is the perfect way to focus yourself for a more relaxed and controlled mindset!

In the video crochet expert and face of Crochet Society shows you some benefits of learning to crochet...

We're offering you a 'Free Beginner Crochet Guide Download' so that you can get started and try something new!