Tilly Walnes Sewing Blog

Tilly and the Buttons

You're one of a big pool of lovely sewing bloggers  whats the best thing about being a part of this community?

"The online sewing circle is amazing. I feel so lucky to be part of such a creative, fun, supportive community who inspire each other with their makes and spur each other along to keep making stuff. We've been hearing a lot of horror stories recently about the darker side of online communities, and while there are people online who like to spread hate and try to bring other people down, the community I choose to be part of is one of positivity, encouragement and creating stuff."

How have they helped you in your journey?

"I've learnt so much from other sewing bloggers, have taken so much inspiration from what they make, and have made some good friends too. The support of my blog readers and other bloggers is what kept me sewing and has led to me being able to do what I love for a living now. I owe them a lot."

What blogs are you enjoying right now?

Paunnet Sewing Blog

"www.paunnet.com -  Style-wise, one of my favourite blogs is by Anna from Italy. Everything she makes is absolutely beautiful, the kinds of clothes I would love to have in my wardrobe too.


www.lladybird.com  - Laurens blog cracks me up! Hailing from Nashville, Tennesse, this Dolly Parton fan is the most prolific DIY dressmaker I know, irreverent, potty-mouthed and hilarious. I love her!

What Katie Sews Sewing Blog Home Page

www.whatkatiesews.net - Katy hasnt been sewing that long, yet everything she makes is gorgeous. She stays true to her style, making consistently lovely clothes that look so wearable and  importantly  comfortable!"

Thanks Tilly!  Remember you can read our full interview with Tilly in Issue 1 of Love Sewing Magazine! (Issue 1 launches on April 24th 2014)