What's your shop called? Is there a story behind the name?

My shop is called Crafty Corner, the name says it all really it's a shop for crafters on a corner.  

Where your shop and what is is the neighbourhood like?

We are located on Mill Street, Macclesfield, Cheshire. We are a great market town famous for silk and we have some fantastic hills as a backdrop. We're surrounded by countryside and are definitely a creative town as well as welcoming to everyone.  

Who works at your shop?

I work every day including a Sunday if it falls on a treacle market day. I have a great right hand lady called Pauline who works three mornings a week and Jan who covers my lunch a couple of times a week. I also have a lady who covers holidays etc. called Helen. We all are very helpful and enjoy a challenge.  

What makes your shop special?

We're not just a local yarn shop, we offer help and advice to everyone and are never too busy to sit and help find a pattern from our vast collection, or help choose a perfect yarn from the many varieties we sell, from pure cotton to pure wool and everything in between.  

What are your most popular yarns?

Stylecraft is fantastic and we sell their Special range daily. King Cole Cherish is great for babies, and Rico is perfect for something a bit special. Adriafil is also a lovely Itallian range and we have some fantastic hand dyed wool in from Coastal Colours based near Blackpool.  

Do you have a knitting group? When do they meet?

We have daily knit and crochet meetings from 10am in our thriving and busy room in the back of the shop which is also our dedicated Stylecraft room. On a Friday afternoon we also have a craft group that make all sorts of crafts.  

What's your favourite piece of yarny advice?

We always advise making a tension square and choosing a yarn you really like as it will make sure you finish the garment and always check the dye lot!  

Address: 80 Mill Street, Macclesfield, SK11 6NH

Phone number: 01625 404195

Facebook: Crafty Corner Macclesfield