Almost a year ago, the Sheep Shop in Cambridge set out on an ambitious challenge to create a king-size beekeeper's quilt to raise money for a local charity, the Arthur Rank Hospice. Camrbidge's knitting community took up the challenge and knitted up 1,400 hexagonal puffs, which have all now been joined together to create the final quilt.

46 knitters and crocheters worked on creating the hexipuffs and countless more donated yarn and time in stitching the whole thing together. It took an estimated 700 hours of man power to make all 1,400 - what an endeavour! Visitors from as far as Australia also donated hexipuffs to the project.

The quilt is the biggest of its kind known to the designer Tiny Owl, so they're applying to Guiness to see if it truly is a record holder.

Sarah Clark of the Sheep Shop Cambridge is thrilled: "We were delighted that some many people have had a hand in making this quilt - it really is one of a kind, with so many different colours and textures."

The quilt is looking to raise money for the hospice in a raffle. It's open to everyone and tickets can be bought for 1 from the Sheep Shop website, as well as the shop itself in Cambridge. It would take the average knitter four years to create their own!