We wrote a little about the Woollen Woods project in issue 17 of Knit Now, but in case you missed it, we thought we'd bring to your attention what a great little project it is!

The concept by Cumbria-based arts organisation Eden Arts is a mass installation in the woodland of a National Trust property - the Acorn Bank in the Lake District - to stop the winter woods being so bare this winter.

They want you to contribute a yarn-craft artwork that would be at home in this environment, whether it be birds, bats, insects, flowers or acorns. Your imagination is the only limit - which can be seen by this Tawny Owl submission by Jean Wildish above.

If you want a little help, however, Eden Arts have a few patterns for you to knit and adapt from! All you have to do is go to the website for the Woollen Woods here and download the PDFs for their knits (or felt if you prefer) bugs, leaves and flowers.