Find out more about all of the brand new Sewing Bee series 6 contestants  who are they, where they come from and what can we expect from them in this years new series of The Great British Sewing Bee. It's a bumper season, with 12 busy bees ready to take on the challenge of the UK's biggest and best sewing competition!

Now it's time to meet the contestants!

Meet Sewing Bee Alex

At 24, Alex is the youngest person in the sewing room. During term time Alex studies cognitive sciences at Edinburgh University and he also loves ballroom dancing. He learnt to dance just three years ago and has quickly progressed to competition standard, now winning awards across Europe.  As a teenager Alex was taught to sew by his mum, who he watched make wedding dresses on her 1980s sewing machine. Teach me your ways; Oh Jedi! he asked her. Having learnt from the master he tentatively branched out into menswear to create his own clothes.  Follow Alex on Instagram at jivingalex

Meet Sewing Bee Ali

Paramedic Alis twin passions are sewing and golfing. These two worlds collide on the range where she showcases her colourful homemade golf clothes. In 2013 she started a sewing blog; its popularity led to her arranging meet ups with followers and one person has even travelled from Germany to be part of the action.  Aside from sewing, Alis been a paramedic for 23 years which has seen her deliver countless babies.  Follow Ali on Instagram at thimbers

Meet Sewing Bee Angillia

Teaching is Angillias vocation, she taught primary school children for thirty years before retiring in 2016. Today she loves to make clothes for formal events and parties, in her own bold and colourful fashion. When shes not sewing she still likes to work with young people, she also practices mindfulness and can be found attending meditation meetings.

Meet Sewing Bee Clare

Clare followed in her mothers footsteps and is a medical consultant at a hospital in Portsmouth with specialist interest in lung cancer. Her job is hectic and sewing gives her an enjoyable creative escape. It was through her mother that Clare was introduced to sewing, she used to make party dresses and taught Clare to sew when she was aged eight. Clare didnt start sewing in earnest until 5 years ago when her love of vintage clothing developed. She loves the 1930s and 1940s and makes the majority of her own clothes using modern copies of vintage patterns.  Follow Clare on Instagram at clare.bradders

Meet Sewing Bee Fiona

Fiona started sewing as a little girl when her mother helped her make a rag doll. Sewing took a back seat until her 20s when she became a golf widow and needed something to occupy her time when her partner was on the course. Motherhood gave Fiona the opportunity to make clothes for her three kids and she moved onto all the soft furnishing for their home. These days shes a self-proclaimed selfish sewer who only makes for herself, which she does almost daily in her studio at the top of the house with her beloved dog Coco by her side.  Follow Fiona on Instagram at sbinreh

Meet Sewing Bee Hazel

It was after the birth of her son that Hazel started sewing again having been taught by her aunt when she was a child and she loves to make matching outfits for herself, her husband and son. Sewings a creative outlet thats given her confidence and allows her to carve out her own time and keep hold of her identity.  When shes not sewing, or with her family, Hazel works for a charity that encourages social mobility by connecting young people with major companies.  Follow Hazel on Instagram at helba_sews

Meet Sewing Bee Liz

Liz loves goth punk style and through being creative with patterns and using a palette of black and grey shes been able to build her own homemade wardrobe.  After graduating from University Liz went into product management and currently works for an outdoor power equipment company. She lives with her partner Andy in a happy blended family with their children from previous relationships.  Follow Liz on Instagram at x_sewingpunk_x

Meet Sewing Bee Mark

Mark studied music at college, before becoming a personal banker but he keeps his love of music alive by playing as a pianist in the evenings after work.  Mark has been sewing for three years. He wanted to sew as a young boy, but never had the confidence. He learned basic skills at the local haberdashery and now sews vintage inspired menswear for himself, his husband and dogs. Mark has a love of big collars and cuffs, with inspiration taken from Dr Who costumes.  Follow Mark on Instagram at sewmarkfrancis

Meet Sewing Bee Matt

Matt works as a broadcast engineer where he monitors forty-five TV channels broadcasting around the world but he dreams of doing something more creative professionally.  Matt first started sewing in 2017 when he decided to throw a drag party and make his own dress. Since then hes made more drag outfits for himself, his partner and his friends in the East London LGBTQ community. Not that hes not happy making menswear too, he has made his own beach shirts and jackets  Follow Matt on Instagram at mattgagesewing

Meet Sewing Bee Nicole

During her childhood in Trinidad the choice of imported clothes was limited, so Nicole grew up around dressmaking, often visiting a seamstress to have garments made. Her mother taught her to sew as a teenager so she could create her own outfits. Today Nicoles sewing style is comfortable and relaxed, suited to a mum working from home, but she sees that as no excuse not to turn out so makes clothes in slinky metallics, bold Asian prints and sources fabric from fashion fairs in Paris.  Follow Nicole on Instagram at nicole_akong

Meet Sewing Bee Peter

Peter was taught to sew by his mum when he was a child but it was watching The Great British Sewing Bee that reignited his passion.  Outside of the Sewing Bee, Peter looks for inspiration from design rebels like Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood when making his own clothes. He has a workshop in the spare room of his flat where he experiments with all things creative. After leaving school Peter trained as a hairdresser and moved to Brighton when he was 20, where he currently works as the deputy manager of the Brighton YHA.  Follow Peter on Instagram at cant.p

Meet Sewing Bee Therese

As a little girl Therese was taught to sew by her primary school teacher, her first make was a gingham apron which ignited a love for sewing that shes carried with her throughout her life. Therese trained as a primary school teacher in England but her family relocated to Abu Dhabi where they spent nine years. After 40 years she has retired from teaching but now tutors privately.  Therese is an advocate of reduce, reuse, recycle; she upcycles clothes for her grandchildren and updates her own clothes instead of buying new. If she does create a new outfit it will be made from a natural fabric and most likely in a floral print.

When is the Great British Sewing Bee on TV?

The first episode of Series 6 of The Great British Sewing Bee will air at 9pm Wednesday 22nd April 2020 and this year, it'll be on BBC1 - how exciting is that?