Episode one of the Great British Sewing Bee Series 4 - Basic ConstructionWe loved watching episode one of The Great British Sewing Bee on Monday, the three challenges were perfectly designed to test the contestants skills in basic garment construction. You can catch up on the Episode by watching here - Episode 1, Series 4 Great British Sewing BeeWhen you first start dressmaking you have the magical moments where you transform flat pieces of fabric into a 3d garment that actually fits you for the very first time. You are so elated you ignore the wonky hemlines and mismatched patterns and slightly uneven top stitching (if you even got to that stage!) The Bees need to show the judges they have mastered these basic construction skills, even under pressure! No easy feat!

Skirt Challenge Sewing Patterns

We thought you'd all appreciate a quick round up of the exact patterns used in the made to measure challenge where the contestants had to create a fitted skirt for their live models.

flared Hourglass skirt on sewing bee

This is the skirt made by Angeline - it was stunning, fitting perfectly around the "arse" as Esme commented, the judges loved it - Patrick said it was a 'knock out'. Burda Style 7089


This is the skirt that Jamie made, the judges were a little unhappy with his flounce!Burda style 6805


TheSimplicity 1200was Duncan's choice - there were a few comments about hs unshaped waistband. Little details like this really show your understanding of basic garment construction.


Tracey chose to sew up theNew Look 6899and added pretty pleated pockets which went down really well, sadly the hemline was a little uneven - it's trickier to sew a circle skirt, with an even hemline, than you might think. Josh also sewed a more simple version and as a result he clearly had time to get the hemline right.


Vogue 732 Joyce chose this skirt for the made to measure challenge, the judges liked the movement.Charlotte, Ghislaine and Jade chose to self draft their patterns

Some useful tutorials for episode 1

We've also gathered together a few tutorials that you'll find really useful if you want to recreate any of the garments on the first episode of The Great British Sewing Bee. Let us know how you get on with those chevrons!


Claire-Louise Hardie has a fantastic new tutorial for making her Chevron Bias top- plus Claire is giving away a copy of the new Sewing Bee book! If you don't win, remember you get a free copy when you subscribe to Love Sewing!Jen from Grainline's tips for getting a flat bias necklineHow to make a pleating board like Tracey used on her skirt pocketsHow to match stripes with former Bee TillyComing soon!We've got some great sewing advice to share, watch out for our next two great articles from expert dressmakers Wendy Ward and Alison Smith MBE.We have bias binding tips from Wendy and Alison shares her advice on boning! (no giggling at the back)Follow our GBSB Series 4 Pinterest Board!What to expect in Episode 2 of The Great British Sewing BeeThe next episode is a kids clothing special, the bees will be making a baygrow from jersey, upcycling an adults bridesmaid dress into an outfit for a child and sewing up fitted woollen capes.In every issue of Love Sewing we have experts who give you tips and advice to achieve perfect fitting garments - the key is taking your time and just remember when you're wearing your me-made clothes you wont have a Savile Row tailor examining every seam!