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The impact of gynaecological cancers is devastating, both for the women themselves and their friends and families. 55 women are diagnosed every day in the UK with a form of gynaecological cancer and, sadly, 21 women in the UK die from this brutal disease. The Eve Appeal believes that this can be prevented and funds ground-breaking research focused on early detection and prevention of these women-specific cancers.

We are committed to helping The Eve Appeal by raising awareness of women's cancers by informing our readers about the often tabooed and too-little-talked-about gynaecological cancers and inviting them to get involved with The Eve Appeals busy calendar of fundraising events.

Athena Lamnisos, CEO of The Eve Appeal, says: "Gynaecological issues are hugely under- funded and too often a taboo exists around these conditions, meaning women are still too embarrassed or afraid to discuss concerns around signs and symptoms. In a recent survey by The Eve Appeal nearly 17% of women dont feel comfortable talking about a serious health concern anywhere. We have to change that. We need to encourage women to speak openly about gynaecological health, whether its with friends, family members or healthcare professionals.

We know that there's a long way to go in raising awareness, yet we cant do it alone, so with the help of Practical Publishing we will able to achieve this. We are so pleased and excited that we will be working with them for women of today and the future.

Danny Bowler, Managing Director of Practical Publishing, says: "Were absolutely thrilled to partner with The Eve Appeal. Through all our craft magazines we want to help empower women with the knowledge that could save them from gynaecological cancers.

For more information, please visit www.eveappeal.org.uk or contact The Eve Team by calling 0207 605 0100 or emailing office@eveappeal.org.uk Twitter: @eveappeal