Whether you're a new dressmaker looking for new techniques to learn or a seasoned sewist who wants to expand their skills, we've rounded up some of our favourite tutorials to help you make professional-looking garments.

Zip It!

Concealed or invisible zips just look so fantastic and with a little practice, you can master their insertion in no time. The finished look is wonderfully neat and professional. Once you've cracked this method, you'll never look back!


Focus on Fit

The best thing about making our own clothes is that we can adjust them to fit our unique bodies. Take some time to tweak and adjust the pattern if you need to - you'll thank yourself later! We've got a complete guide to show you how to make adjustments to perfectly fit your bust, back and height.


Feeling Fine

Switching up your fabric choices can really elevate your makes. Instead of reaching for a simple cotton, why not try a light and airy viscose, soft silk or stunning chiffon? We've got some top tips to help you along the way.


On the Border

If you want to elevate a dress from day to night, adding a layer of lace is a wonderful option. Check out our must-have guide to sewing with border lace.


Perfect Piping

Adding piping to the edge of a handmade garment can give it a wonderfully professional finish, and it's easier than it looks! Follow our step-by-step guide and see for yourself.


Darts - the Couture Way

Most of the dressmaking patterns we make will feature darts - but is there a better way to tackle them? Alison Smith MBE is here to show you her method.


Best Foot Forward

Your machine probably came with a standard foot, perhaps a zipper foot and a buttonhole attachment - but there's a whole world of feet out there, and they can make your life so much easier and your seams so much neater! Check out this list of our favourite feet and attachments.