First you use the letterpress technique, which is almost like using an embossing folder as a stamp, then apply ink to the side of the embossing folder which has the recessed pattern. I have used Distress Ink for these cards and you can rub the inkpad directly onto the folder and emboss the card. However, the ink tends to sit in small pools on the plastic folder and can give a spotted finish on the card when embossed. To prevent this, I have used a brayer to ink the folders. Applying the ink with a brayer gives a much smoother and even colour and gives a better result when the card is embossed.

Roll the brayer over an inkpad to pick up some colour then roll the brayer onto your glass mat or non-porous craft sheet a few times to create a smooth colour on the brayer. Brayer the ink over the side of the folder with the recessed pattern to transfer the ink, then carefully place white cardstock into the folder. Do not open the folder to move the cardstock or the ink will smudge and pass through your die-cutting machine. The raised design is white and the ink has been pressed into the recessed design.

The double inking comes from adding a second ink colour onto the raised pattern. Again, you can rub an inkpad directly over the embossing but here I have used the brayer. Ink the brayer as before and then roll over the embossed card to transfer the ink to the raised areas. You can also make the colour darker by repeating this.

You can use the pieces as backgrounds and also do the same with large die-cut shapes to make embellishments. The contrast colours really shows off the patterns in the embossing and gives you a different way to use your folders.


Cut a piece of white cardstock larger than the embossing folder then ink the brayer with Picked Raspberry ink and roll the brayer over a glass mat a few times to create a smooth colour


Brayer the ink onto the recessed side of the embossing folder and carefully place the white cardstock into the folder. Pass through the die-cutting machine to emboss and transfer the ink to the recessed areas


Clean the brayer and re-ink with Broken China ink, then roll the brayer over the glass mat a few times as before