You can use any stamps, along with your favourite colouring techniques, to create these cards. This style of card is ideal if you don’t have time to do a lot of colouring as you only need to stamp and colour a small area.

When designing your card, decide how big and where you want the recessed panel on the card front. Cut a piece of cardstock to stamp and colour which is approximately 2cm wider than the finished recessed panel: this will make sure that the edges of the panel won’t be seen on the finished card. Stamp and colour this piece and attach directly to the card front. Two pieces of plain card are then attached either side of the panel with 3D foam pads. I have found it best to trim the edges of these pieces with coloured cardstock or run a coloured pen along the edges before attaching. This creates the appearance of a matt, really helps the recessed panel pop and focuses the design by drawing your eye in.

You can try different shapes for the recessed panel such as the curved lines in the ‘Special Wishes’ card. Also try cutting the panels diagonally and at different angels like the ‘Happy Birthday’ card shown here to for another different look to your cards.

The recessed panel designs give a focal point for what is quite a clean and simple card. I hope this has given you some inspiration to try these designs!


Cut card to measure 14.5cm square. Mark on the left side at 1.5cm, 3cm from the top, and from the bottom right corner 8cm up. Join the marks with pencil lines. This is the area that will be cut away


Cut white cardstock to fit the recessed area, making it 1cm wider on each side