Chances are, all of you dedicated cardmakers are no strangers to the fabulous pyramage technique. The well-loved design allows you to easily add layers to projects without all the fiddly cutting involved when doing découpage. The pyramage technique uses an ever-smaller image or shape layers to build up the design – either creating a layered look outwards or inwards, adding height using 3D foam pads. With so many beautiful layering or nesting dies available, as die-cutters, your creative possibilities are endless. Team this simple technique with your other favourite styles for crafting from colouring and stamping to just die-cutting, and have fun creating gorgeous finished projects.


Select two identical images to cut


Position the largest circle die over one of the images, holding in place with Washi tape, then line up the second and third largest circle dies as shown


Remove the second largest die and then run through the die-cutting machine


Place largest circle die over the second image, line up the second, third and fourth largest circle dies then remove the largest and third largest dies and die-cut


You will now have two frame pieces and two solid pieces


Stack the four die-cut pieces as shown, adhering with 3D foam tape to create a dimensional telescopic topper