What can I win in January?

This month's Premium competition bundle is an amazing collection for our dressmakers!

We have a mega bundle of digital patterns to giveaway - just for Premium Members! Enter now and you could win:

Trench Coat, £8.99
Palazzo Trousers, £3.99
Batwing Dress, £8.99
Raglan Dress, £8.99
Veronika Dress & Skirt, £8.99
Scarlett Dress, £8.99
Lucille Dress, £8.99
Charlotte Dress, £8.99
Trudy Dress, £8.99
Lapwing Trousers, £3.99
Zoe Dress & Top, £8.99
Lizzie Dress, £8.99

CraftWorld Premium members can enter the prize draw today by clicking here.

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