Making your own small boxes is a lovely way to give a gift. The boxes here are all made in the same way and the decorative lids are made using nesting dies. Nesting dies come in a wide variety of shapes and many now have fancy edges. Using these dies to create lids for gift boxes, along with some coloured and patterned cardstock, will give you some pretty results quite quickly. You can find a wide selection of nesting dies at CraftStash - shop nesting dies

For these boxes, you will need to make the lid using the nesting die before making the base. Some measuring and a quick calculation to work out the size of the piece of card for the box base is also required.

The easiest shapes of nesting dies to use are squares and rectangles. Even those with fancy shaped or scalloped edges can easily be scored to make a box lid. Using a scoreboard, either place the die-cut shape against the edge of the board and score each side the same measurement or, if the die-cut has a scalloped edge, line the scallop shape up with a line on the board and score each side the same.

Circle and oval dies create a pretty shaped box lid. If the die-cut has a patterned edge such as the one used on the Best Wishes box, you can use the pattern to make sure the die-cut is level on your scoreboard and score each side an equal amount. For a plain circle die-cut, use the method shown in the step-by-step guide to make sure each side of the box lid is even and fits together well at the corners.

Once you have the score lines, cut a tab at each corner and use a strong Tacky Glue to adhere the tabs. It is best to hold the tabs in place with either paperclips or pegs while the glue dries.

To work out the size of card for the base, you will need to first measure the top of the box lid. If the lid measures 5x7.5cm, first take 2mm off the measure to give you 4.8x7.3cm – this will be the finished size of the base which needs to be smaller to fit inside the lid. Now decide how deep you want the box and add this amount on twice – eg if it is 4cm deep, add on 8cm. This would give you 12.8x15.3cm to cut the card. Now score each edge at 4cm, cut the tabs at the corners and glue together. You will have a base to fit the lid.

Have a look through any nesting dies you have and have a go.


Cut a circle from lilac pearlescent card using the largest stitched circle die. Cut a 7cm square from plain cardstock and tape to the centre of the circle. Measure each side of the circle to the square to check it is in the centre of the circle. Mark pencil lines at edges


Place the circle on the scoreboard and line up the pencil marks with a score line. Score each side of the circle and fold, then burnish the score lines


Trim a notch from each corner to make tabs and use Tacky Glue to hold the tabs in place, making the box lid