FREE Lord of the rings crochet patterns

Tomorrow is Hobbit Day! To commemorate our little, big footed friends, we've put together our top five free Lord of the Rings crochet patterns.

gandalf free crochet pattern

1. You shall not pass! How fantastic is this amigurumi Gandalf from Geek Central Station? He's just one of many only Lord of the Rings characters in this collection, so why not make the entire cast?

hobbit hole free crochet pattern

2. Kick back and relax in comfort with this Hobbit Hole pillow from Erica Bennett. This welcoming pillow is the perfect gift for fans and is even life size... to a Hobbit.

smaug free crochet pattern

3. He's is fire, he is death, he is the king of the mountain. He claims to be many things, but a crochet pattern is a new one for the list. Christine Nast's Smaug is guaranteed to keep your treasure safe.

eye of sauron crochet pattern

4. Sauron strikes fear into the hearts of even the most fearless. This eye of Sauron pattern from Catherine Greenslade make a great decorative piece.

gollum crochet pattern

5. Our countdown wouldn't be complete without Gollum. This adorable amigurumi character from CraftyTibbles perfectly captures all the things we love about this twisted devotee to the ring.

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