What is mixed media?

Mixed media literally means a variety of products used in one artwork. There are many styles of mixed media art, some designers prefer to combine products to create visual textures like paints, chalks, pens, sprays etc. and others prefer the more layered and textured artwork put together with pastes, paints, sprays, fabrics, papers and various 3D embellishments. Assemblage is another wonderful way to create mixed media projects – there is no right or wrong way!

Stop pro-craftinating!

You know you want to try it, but don’t know where to start? It can be daunting for a beginner to break a blank page and it’s understandable. Think about what aesthetic of mixed media you like, do you prefer collages or textured and heavily layer and embellished mixed-media cards or perhaps you like more clean and simple, but would love to add some decorative elements? My advice would be to start slowly, experiment with different products without committing. Once you have taken the baby steps into the mixed media, there will be no stopping you and the rest will follow. There are many techniques to try out and you can find plenty of inspiration on Pinterest, YouTube, blogs and of course magazines like this one.

Why do I love mixed media so much?

It is not only the mixed-media look that attracts me so much, it’s is all about the creative process, the play and the creative freedom I feel during the creation of a mixed media projects. I dare to say it is very therapeutic and I would encourage everyone to give it a go. Mixed media enthusiasts love to share their work and you can find many like-minded friends through your local or online community of mixed media enthusiasts.


Dry emboss a piece of a white cardstock and cut to size. Paint clear gesso all over the embossed cardstock


Add colour with spray paints. Dilute with water for a better flow and dab as needed. Dry thoroughly using a heat tool


Add VersaMark to raised areas by rubbing it on top, sprinkle with embossing powder and heat it up to melt it. Ink the corners and here and there around the edges to create contrast

FAULTY (CF unable to find image) Happy birthday