We've scoured the internet to find you some great Minecraft crochet patterns.  

We'd love to see any you make, share them with us on our Facebook page!

minecraft crochet creeper pattern

We love this free minecraft creeper pattern by Nerdigurumi - the image was found here where you'll also find loads more crochet patterns for people who love playing video games. Creepers are the baddies in minecraft but this one actually looks pretty sweet!

This pattern for a creeper hat is cute! It's free from blog Toluvers Creations

minecraft animals crochet patterns

Minecraft Animals, crochet a Minecraft pig, sheep or cow, free patterns available on the blog Amie's Ami

minecraft steve crochet pattern

It's Minecraft's Steve, bought to life in crochet! This pattern is available to purchase from Etsy seller Aradiya Toys.

crochet minecraft sheep pattern

Aradiya has also created a crochet minecraft sheep pattern

crochet minecraft zombie pattern

...and a crochet minecraft zombie pattern

minecraft cube pattern

Aradiya offers the little block of earth pattern free on Craftsy. Once you have the basic cube pattern you could change your yarn colours to make different kinds of cubes.

enderman crochet pattern

Enderman Plushie - find the free pattern on blog Wolf Dreamer - be sure not to make eye contact!

minecraft blanket

We found this image on Pinterest, sadly it doesn't link through to the designer. They have simply created crochet squares of colour to represent the pixels - any young minecraft fan would love to have this on their bed at night.