Have you started crocheting your favourite characters from Roger Hargreaves' iconic story collection yet? You can find 12 quick and easy patterns to start crocheting tonight inside your official Crochet your own Mr. Men Little Miss 2019 Diary, exclusively yours with issue 35!*

You can't really go wrong with Mr. Happy and Little Miss Sunshine - are any other characters as recognisable than this sunshiny pair? Designer Irene Strange has done an amazing job capturing the essence of some of our favourites from the classic stories, and they are guaranteed to make you smile, whether you make the complete set for yourself, your child's favourites for story time, or perhaps a desk-buddy for your friend!

Did you know that the Mr. Men series started in 1971, but it was 10 years before the accompanying Little Miss series launched with a collection of 13 books in September 1981, including Little Miss Tiny? Mr. Tall is just a little bit older than that, first being release in 1978 - not that he likes to hold anything over his smaller counter-parts.

When the first six Mr. Men books were published, they were priced at only 20p each! They included Mr. Tickle, Mr. Greedy, Mr. Happy, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Sneeze, and Mr. Bump. Did you spot Mr. Bump, Mr. Greedy and Mr. Tickle in earlier issues of Crochet Now?

Who's your favourite?

Don't miss your chance to have the most colourful and fun crochet diary around this year! UK readers can find their diaries with issue 35 of the magazine, on sale now from your local supermarket, newsagents, WHSmiths and craft shop - check here to find where you can get yours.

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**Due to restrictions, Crochet your own Mr. Men Little Miss 2019 Diary is a UK only gift, and is not available with digital editions of the magazine. Alternative gifts will be provided to copies in other territories.