Knit Now Issue 28 comes with a free kit to knit some adorable little polar bears. We've had a few questions from people asking for help in sewing up their bears, so here's our guide to putting them together. We're showing you the mummy bear here, but the principle is the same for the baby bears.  

1. The first step is to knit all your pieces - you'll find the instructions on p.66 of Knit Now Issue 28. I've labelled them all here so you can compare to the pieces you have.

2. First, sew the legs - this is the cast on edge, which you fold to meet the belly flaps in the middle. It's best to stuff as you go.

3. Next, sew up the belly.

4. Then sew up the arms, leaving space for the final stuffing.

5. Finish stuffing the body firmly, then sew up the last hole.

6. Sew the head from the point until your marker - I used a removable stitch marker here, but you could just use a piece of contrasting-colour yarn.

7. Stuff the head and sew it onto the body.

8. Sew the features and then attach the ears, tail and scarf and - voila! One adorable little polar bear!