Whether it's to document children's milestones, capture that perfect holiday sunset or immortalise an important friendship, many of us are constantly taking photos and creating memories. But often our favourite snaps are either left saved on a camera, memory card, in the cloud, or printed out and lost among household chaos.

Making physical copies of your photos makes them a part of your environment, giving them the attention they deserve and letting you browse through special memories with friends or display them somewhere prominent to make you smile every time you pass them. The Canon Photo Cube is specially designed to keep your images safe and easy to access, offering not just the perfect storage solution, but lots of potential ways to get creative and display your treasured moments, too.

What is Canon Photo Cube?

The Canon Photo Cube is a fun way to store square-shaped photos which appeal across generations – whether they remind you of the retro prints of your youth or more modern social media shots – helping to create a portable photograph album the whole family can enjoy.

The Photo Cube can be displayed anywhere in your home, becoming a part of the decor, or it can be a thoughtful personalised photo gift for someone special. With a number of different packs and options, there's something to suit a range of needs.

The Creative Pack and Frame

Making a personalised gift is a great way to show someone that you care, and the Canon Photo Cube offers endless possibilities for making loved ones smile. It could be the perfect anniversary present, decorated with images of family moments, and full of more of your favourite memories together inside.

If you're keen to add even more of a personal touch, the Canon Photo Cube Creative Pack offers the additional potential to decorate the box itself by attaching your favourite square-shaped photos to its six sides. It opens up multiple possibilities for displaying your images around your home or making a gift box that's even more unique.

Similar to the Value Pack, you can choose to include black and colour ink cartridges and 40 sheets of glossy photo paper. There's also the option to add a Photo Cube Frame – an acrylic magnetic photo block that's a contemporary twist on the traditional photo frame. It stands up on its own, so can be positioned anywhere, and you can arrange a different image to be displayed on each side. It's easy to slide in a new photo anytime you feel like changing things up – just select a different image from your Photo Cube and put the old one back in the box for safe keeping.

If you love the idea and what we've done with our photo cubes - you can buy your own from here