A thread marking, known as a tailor's tack is still the best way to transfer the markings from the pattern pieces to the fabric. A tailors tack is simple to make and very accurate. They are used primarily to mark the dots on a pattern that represent darts and matching points.

Thread your needle with double basting thread. Gutermann make a basting thread that is available from good retailers. It is slightly thicker thread that stays put once in the fabric.  

1. Keep your fabric flat on the table and make a stitch through both layers of fabric from right to left.

2. Now put the needle through again from bottom to top, this gives you 4 threads at the quarter points around the dot.

3. Cut through the loop and the end of the thread that goes to the needle.  4. You now have 4 threads on one side of the fabric and a X on the underside. Carefully lift off the pattern, and gently separate the two layers and snip through the threads.

5. The centre of the dot is now accurately marked on the centre of the four threads

Try this method next time  you will find it quick and accurate!