Passport? Check. Tickets? Check. Credit Cards? Check. Keep all of your travel essentials to hand in this useful wallet! Ive just used interfacing on the outer fabric this time to reduce bulk in the pockets. If your fabric is quite fine, a lightweight cotton interfacing will still give the pockets a bit of structure.

Make the matching bag inside issue 64 of Love Sewing, on sale now!  This smart tutorial is brought to you by Debbie Shore from her new book,Half Yard Bags & Purses  

Finished size: 9 x4 (24 x12cm)  

What you need:

25 x15in (63.5 x38cm) outer fabric

10 x30in (25.5 x76.25cm)

lining fabric 10in (25.5cm)

square medium-weight fusible interfacing

Magnetic clasp 6in (15.25cm)

4in (10cm) circle templates made at home  


One piece of outer fabric measuring 10in (25.5cm) square

One piece of lining fabric measuring 10in (25.5cm) square

Two pieces of outer fabric for the passport pocket, measuring 4 x6in (11.5 x15.25cm)

Four pieces of lining fabric for the ticket pockets measuring 10 x4in (25.5 x11.5cm)

Two pieces of outer fabric for the card pockets measuring 10 x3in (25.5 x7.5cm)

Two pieces of outer fabric for the passport pocket flap measuring 4 x3in (10 x7.5cm)

Two pieces of outer fabric for the wallet flap measuring 4 x9in (10 x23cm)

travel wallet tutorial

1. Take the two wallet flap pieces and cut a curve from one short end of each using your 4in (10cm) circle template. Apply one half of the magnetic clasp to one fabric piece, centrally, 1in (4cm) from the curved end. Sew the two flap pieces RST, leaving a turning gap in the straight short end of about 2 (5cm). Snip the corners and curves, turn RS out and press. Top-stitch around the edges, leaving the short straight side unstitched.

2. Fuse the interfacing to the WS of the 10 (25.5cm) square of outer fabric. Measure and mark 3 (7.5cm) in from the right-hand edge, 5 (12.75cm) down from the top. Apply the second half of the magnetic snap at this point. Sew the straight end of the wallet flap to the back, centrally, 3 (7.5cm) from the left-hand edge, in a  (1cm) wide boxshape to make it secure.

3. Place the two passport pocket pieces RST and, using your 6 (15.25cm) circle template, mark then cut a curve from the top left-hand corner. Sew the two pieces RST just around the curve, snip into the seam allowance then turn RS out and press. Top-stitch around the seam.

4. Pin this piece to the RS of one of the ticket pocket pieces, then tack/baste along the sides of the pocket; remove the pins.

5. Take the passport pocket flap pieces and place them RST. Cut a curve on the bottom left-hand corner using your 6 (15.25cm) circle template. Sew the two pieces RST, leaving a turning gap of about 2 (5cm) in the top. Snip into the curved seam, turn RS out and press. Top-stitch around the curved and short straight sides.

6. Place the flap centrally over the top of the passport pocket, leaving a  (2cm) gap, and sew across the top. This little flap is important  it will stop your passport slipping out!

7. Sew the two card pocket pieces RST across the long top edge, turn RS out and press. Top-stitch along the seam. Pin to one of the ticket pocket pieces, with the raw edges aligned. Measure and mark a line along the centre of the ticket pocket, then 2 (5.75cm) either side. Sew along these lines to divide the pocket into four.

8. Place the remaining ticket pocket pieces RST with the card pocket and passport pockets. Sew across the long top edges, making sure you dont sew the passport pocket flap into the seam! Turn to the RS and press, then top-stitch along the seams. Pin the pockets to each side of the 10 (25.5cm) square lining piece, then tack/baste around the edge.

9. Pin the outer section of the wallet to the lining, RSs facing, tucking the flap out of the way so you dont sew over it. Make sure that the flap on the outer section is sitting at right angles to the pockets so that the pockets are kept flat when the wallet is folded. Sew all the way around, leaving a turning gap of about 4 (10cm) in one side. Remove the pins, snip across the corners, turn RS out and press. Top-stitch all the way round to finish.

Top TipAdd a loop of tape to the side of the wallet before sewing up in step 9 so that you can clip a chain onto it, then another inside your travel bag to keep your wallet really secure.

Half Yard Bags & Purses by Debbie Shore  ISBN: 9781782214601  RRP Price: 11.99  Publisher: Search Press  Available