Covered buttons add a chic finish to your garment. You'll only need a little excess fabric to make matching buttons but it can be fun to add contrast buttons in a complimentary colour.  How to create covered buttons: 1. Using the template on the back of your button kit, trace a circle onto the fabric.  2. With a threaded hand sewing needle, loosely baste a gathering stitch a few mm in from the outer edge of the circle, all the way around leaving long threads loose. Place your button top face down on top.

3. Place the lower half of the button mould on your work surface and centre the fabric circle and button top over the opening.  4. Using your fingers, gently push the button shell down into the mould. The fabric should gather up around the button shell like a little pouch.

5. Draw the fabric into the button shell tighter using the gathering stitches and cover with the button back.

6. Place the top part of the mould on top of the button back and firmly push the button back into place. The entire top will push down into the lower mould. You can usually hear a small pop when the back seats against the shell.

7. Carefully remove from the mould and youre ready to attach to your skirt!

Bonus tips! If using a lightweight fabric you may find it best to interfacing your fabric circle.  If using a sheer fabric, you can either line your button with a second layer of fabric or colour the blank button with nail varnish or sharpie in a coordinating colour.