I absolutely adore the Shabby Chic style...lots of lace, distressed edges, soft shades and of course, layers. Sometimes all of this can come together perfectly balanced, and at other times it looks like a pizza (all thrown on - it's a technical term!)

So to help avoid that 'pizza effect' I have created an exclusive video for you, using the beautiful Kaisercraft Lady Like collection. The colours are all fairly similar, and so you need to be able to create definition and contrast between them. That's exactly what I discuss here.


This video was prompted by a question I am often asked, and I have really enjoyed being able to help talk through this tutorial, so feel free to find me in our Craft SOS section in the Forum and ask me any of your craft related questions! I will pop over daily to answer, and if I need to I can create short videos or post photos to help you work through those paper problems! - SEE FORUM HERE


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I hope to be chatting to some of you over there very soon!

Lou x