Die-cutting is such a joy when it goes right, whether you’re aiming for a clean and simple look with a main die-cut focus, or if you’ve decided to build up dimensional embellishments with your cardstock. Although sometimes, trying to get that impressive die-cut layer just right is tough – how much is too much? Do you have to add layers to make impact? Luckily, there is a huge variety of layering die sets available that will enable you to really let your creative juices flow.

They have been designed to create lots of different layered effects, from solid matt shapes to filigree detailed shapes that layer on top or are used to create filigree frames. You could even die-cut filigree apertures into your card front for that extra special occasion. Have fun making some amazingly-detailed lacy layered cards, or keep it simple for an understated elegant finish.


Use low-tack tape to secure your chosen die onto the plate facing upwards. Place a piece of thick cardstock over the area of the die that you don’t want to cut


Lay the cardstock panel over the top, assmble the rest of the die-cutting sandwich and run it through the machine until you feel resistance from the thick card


Bring the die-cutting sandwich back through the machine, and lift the cardstock to reveal the partial die-cut

Celebrate With This Beautiful Shaped Filigree Layered Card
Create this gorgeous card with check patterned papers, intricate die-cuts, Lots of layers and gems to finish