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Work to the point where your pattern tells you to start the cable. Hold the yarn at the back of the work.


Slip the number of stitches the pattern requires onto a cable needle and hold that at the front of your work. Here we're working a C4F and slipping 2 stitches onto the cable needle.


Holding the cable needle out of the way, work the next stitches from your LH needle. Give your yarn a little extra tug on the first stitch to keep from getting any awkward gaps.


In this example for the C4F stitch, we've now knitted 2 stitches from the LH needle


Now we're going to go back to the cable needle and work the stitches we left there earlier. You can knit these stitches directly off the cable needle, but just be careful not to twist the needle.


The C4F cable stitch is now complete! You'll see that the cable twists to the left as you look at the right side of the work, which is why these cables are sometimes called "left" cables.