Judith Howard

You said: "Jude owns Red Apple yarn in Lampeter. She makes it so much more than a shop - it's a community hub. She's there for a chat and a cuppa when you need it - always with a smile and sympathetic ear. She's so encouraging on the knitting (and crochet) front - willingly teaching anyone who calls into the shop, advising on all things yarn and knitting, helping rectify mistakes and encouraging everyone. She's got a cute shop dog too."  

Laura Lowe

You said: "Laura runs our local knit group in Sheffield, “F*** Off, I'm Counting”. She works hard to bring together local knitters in accessible surroundings. And I met my best knitty friend through her. We have knit in the pub/cafe meetings and trips out too! I am socially anxious and these meetings are a lifeline."  

Rachel at Sitting Knitting

You said: "Beautiful little gem of a shop with gorgeous yarns. A wonderful place to find some lovely ideas and friendly helpful support."  

The Spinning Weal, Clevedon

You said: "They stock the most amazing range of yarns, tools, fabrics, haberdashery, threads and workshops to support the local craft community."  

Antje, The Yarn Cake in Glasgow

You said: "Antje's shop is a well of goodness for knitters. She has a great range of yarn: price range big brands and indie. You can have some of her cake while you're at it. Antje works to make the shop accessible. It is a small place where you can fit a wheelchair. There is no music to cater for people who need quiet spaces. Antje helps with knitting yarn choices. She's open to new ideas. I think she is doing a great job for the local knitting community."  

Ann Murdock

You said: "Ann is the owner of a lovely little wool shop in Guide Post Northumberland. The shop is full of wonderful yarns and is a sea of colour but the true star is Ann herself. She always has a welcoming smile for customers and offers advice and help to anyone who needs it in crocheting or knitting. Ann has had the shop for 3 years now and in that time has made many friends and Ann and her little shop are a beacon on a grey day. She could also have been nominated in the charity section as she donates all her spare wool to local charities and collects for The Air Ambulance and The Blind but I feel this is the place for her as she is a true local superstar."  

The Baldy Sheep Yarn Shop, Longford, Ireland

You said: "Honestly this is the most amazing and brilliant yarn shop you are ever going to come across not only will the owner Patricia help you with choosing the right yarn she will help with tricky parts of patterns or just inspiration for a new project."

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