If you’re someone who likes trying shaped cards but wants a new challenge, impossible cards are pretty special. More a feat of engineering than a papercraft blank, they might look impossible, but you’ll be surprised to learn that this is a really simple illusion to recreate with just a few easy cuts, then fold and twist.

The unique fun fold card is actually inspired from a magic card trick called The Hyper Card Trick which is an optical illusion. With just a slight twist this card turns into one your friends and family will all be wondering how you made!

You can decide what size base and shape you want to make then choose some of your favourite papers, dies and embellishments and let the crafty fun begin!


Trim a piece of card to measure 7x5” and score along the short edge at 2.5”.


Cut at 3.5” on long edge up to the 2.5” score line and 1.5” in from edge on the opposite side again up to the 2.5” score line


Score the centre panel and fold up then, holding one side still, flip the other side over


For the matt and layers, trim a piece of card to measure 4 7/8” x 3 3/8” then measure in 1 3/8” and up 2 3/8”, then remove the top right-hand corner as shown


For the design paper, trim a piece of paper to measure 4.75x3.75” then measure in 1.25” and up 2.25” and remove the top right corner


Layer onto the card blank and decorate as desired