We just love to knit socks! But sometimes we need a little helping hand along the way, so here are some top tips from the Knit Now designers to help you make socks you'll love to wear!

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Find the Perfect Pattern

Every good project starts with a good pattern! There are lots of free patterns available online but it can be hard to know which ones to trust. All Knit Now patterns are professionally edited and checked by three expert knitters, so you know you can rely on our instructions

Christmas Treat Socks, Knit Now Issue 122

Try Something New

Socks are the perfect project to try out a new technique. They're also a fabulous way to introduce colour and texture into your makes and it's so much easier than it looks!

Unicorn Socks, Knit Now Issue 94

Think Outside The Box

Socks can have any colour or pattern you like! Experiment with colours and you'll be delighted with the results.

Meta Socks, Knit Now Issue 123

Play It Cool

Knitted socks aren't only for the winter months! Choose your yarn carefully and these versatile accessories can be added to your outfit any time of the year.

Revelry Socks, Knit Now Issue 99

These eye-catching socks really take advantage of variegated yarn to create a great effect!

Little Pinecone Socks, Knit Now Issue 120

These delicate-looking socks combine lace and cables for a really pretty way to keep your feet warm!

Footprints In The Snow, Knit Now Issue 121

Turn heads with this bright and brilliant pair of socks! They combine lots of different colours and patterns to stretch your skills in a fun way.

Weekend Wonders Socks, Knit Now Issue 100

If you love sheep as much as we do, you'll love these socks that feature a flock as part of the colourwork pattern!

Sleepy Sheep Socks, Knit Now Issue 91

Practise your cable skills with this pair of socks, which starts with a rib that's folded over and continues with a cable down to the toes.

Take the High Road Socks, Knit Now Issue 101

These socks might look simple at first, but on closer inspection, they feature a subtle cable around the side and back!

Diamante Socks, Knit Now Issue 112