Use a large circle template such as a plate and use a pencil to draw around onto gold tissue paper. Make sure it is bigger than the item you are wrapping.


Cut out the circle traced onto the tissue paper. If you are wrapping multiple gifts of the same size, it saves time to fold the paper before it cutting out.


Place the items to be wrapped in the centre of the gold tissue paper. Round items works well but you can also use this method to wrap gifts of other shapes too.


Carefully fold the tissue paper circle up around the gift to gather it in the centre – try not to add unnecessary fold lines or creases into the paper.


Use the distress-edged gingham ribbon to tie around the gathered tissue paper, pulling it as tightly as you can to secure it without tearing the paper.


Add a bow tied from distress-edged gingham ribbon bow and a tag with string to finish the wrapping. Fan out the tissue to achieve an exuberant look.