Last night the charming Alex was the second Bee to leave the sewing room. It was holiday week in the workroom and it proved a tricky time for several of the Bees. First up, was the pattern challenge, which was to make a pair of palazzo pants, perfect for keeping cool whilst abroad. The sewers were asked to insert an invisible zip and pockets, and the judges kept a keen eye on how well the sewers pattern match bold prints.

Next, for their transformation challenge, the sewers were asked to turn towels into stylish beach cover-ups in just 90 minutes. And for the final challenge, male models arrived in the sewing room to be fitted with a made-to-measure holiday shirt, using bright and colourful fabrics. The sewers must create a perfectly relaxed fit but Alex's attempt to use stretchy knit fabric for his shirt didn't work out as fabric both stretched out and didn't fit in different places.

Alex, your dance moves and colourful creations lit up the sewing room. You'll be greatly missed. #SewingBee Sewing Bee (@sewingbee) April 29, 2020

Alex was humble at the news he would be going home and said in his final on air interview:

Everyone else in this room is so deserving of this opportunity... They presented such fantastic work and maybe my skills arent at that level just yet.

At 24, Alex was the youngest person in the sewing room. During term time Alex studies cognitive sciences at Edinburgh University and he also loves ballroom dancing. He learnt to dance just three years ago and has quickly progressed to competition standard, now winning awards across Europe.

As a teenager Alex was taught to sew by his mum, who he watched make wedding dresses on her 1980s sewing machine. Teach me your ways; Oh Jedi! he asked her. Having learnt from the master he tentatively branched out into menswear to create his own clothes. We're sad we won't get to see more of Alex's smiling face on the show but you can follow his sewing adventures on Instagram at jivingalex!