Inside every issue of this months Love Sewing, youll find a free fat quarter of exclusive Swallow Song fabric in a choice of three colours: yellow, grey and pink. Here, Ashley Cramp, aka sewing blogger Lazy Daisy Jones shows us what she made with hers: a strip woven cushion cover. What will you make with yours? Let us know at


  • 1 fat quarter Swallow Song
  • contrasting fabric (amount depends on cushion pad size)
  • cushion pad
  • 2 buttons
  • thread
  • pins
  • scissors
  • loop turner (optional)
  • Note: Seam allowance is 1.5cms throughout, unless stated otherwise.

How to make the cushion cover:

To make the cushion front piece:

1a Copy

Measure your cushion pad and add 5cms to the dimensions. Using your contrast fabric, cut out this square. Cut the square into two long strips and two shorter strips, leaving a centre square where the woven strips will be sewn. I cut my strips into 9cms widths, but yours will depend on the size of the cushion pad. Put these pieces aside

2 3355x3000 Copy

Cut two squares from your fat quarter that measure 1cm larger than your centre square. Cut each square into four equal strips by folding in half and in half again. Cut two more squares to the same measurements from your contrast fabric and cut them into equal strips as before. You shoul