Fabric flower frills can have many decorative uses and can be made using the smallest scraps of fabric, making sure that nothing goes to waste. Young children in particular love making them and when they can turn them in to hair bobbles, hair slides or brooches they can be a popular hobby for those 6 years plus, filling many a long journey or rainy holiday. A travel kit complete with ready cut circles, needle and thread can fit in a Tupperware box.

Karen says: "You can use any type of fabrics for these flowers and the type of fabric may dictate which kind of flower you choose. I love the fraying two tone effect of shot silk as seen in the photos. Wool or tweed also gives a lovely finish which improves as they wear. Felt scraps and indeed shrunken woollens come in to their own with the first and easiest design, so you need never totally despair at a shrunken sweater again. The heat that shrinks them in the first place prevents further fraying on cutting and therefore you can use them just like felt. I have also found that the thickness of duchesse satin stands up quite well in these simple flowers as well."

Felt/Wool/Duchesse satin flowers

1. Cut 7 circles of your chosen size from the fabric scraps. The size of your circle will dictate the size of the finished flower. If using thicker fabric, you may not need the 7th circle. (Photo A)
2. Starting with your first circle, fold it in to