This article was originally published at our sister site 5 Beginner Friendly Projects For Getting Started With Sewing

Sewing is an incredible hobby. However, it takes time to develop the skills and talents required to make more complex designs. Sewing requires continual learning. Each creation is a way to practice and learn. The trick to sewing is to start small, using simpler projects to learn things like the basics of measuring, reading patterns and operating a sewing machine.

Below we have a selection of beginner sewing projects for you to start developing your sewing skills. Pull out your beginner sewing machine, materials and sewing essentials and let’s take the first steps in building your sewing abilities. There is no need for anything fancy with these projects – they’re simple designs to kickstart a lifelong hobby.

Upcycled Clothing

Upcycling and customising clothing is a great way to start with basic sewing techniques! For a hoodie that’s bursting with personality, try this cheeky panda upcycling project. You’ll learn a new sewing technique and they’ll get a fun new jumper to wear out and about.

Tote Bags

Ideal for everyday shopping, and helping the environment by circumventing the use of plastic bags, a canvas tote makes a brilliant project for new sewers. This project will go further than most other projects. Even complex sewing projects such as complicated dresses won’t see as much us