You will need...

Paper or card  (12 x 12) You can use other sizes but to make it easier to follow I have used 12 x 12

A Paper Trimmer


Glue of your choice.

A Ruler


Scoreboard. (Optional) I found it easier to work using the lines to keep me straight)

Wee pegs or clips to hold parts in place while the glue is drying.

Whatever you want to decorate the star.

Something for hanging your make.

Step 1

Cut your card/paper into 1" strips. Separate into 2 bundles of 6.

Step 2

Mark 2 of the strips at points 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 so you have the centres.

Step 3

Glue the first 2 pieces together at the marked points. I have used a scoreboard to keep my paper straight. You will have a cross now.

Step 4

I have used a different colour card so you can see where to place the next piece of paper. Add the next strip of paper to the cross where indicated in the picture. Glue it to the cross piece.

Step 5

Next add the next strip at the opposite side. Glue it onto the piece underneath it too.

Step 6

Turn your paper 90 degrees. For this step you weave the papers. Over under and over. Gluing in place.

Step 7

This is the same as the step above but on the opposite side. Over under and over again. Glue in place.

Next you take the other 6 strips and repeat steps 2 -7Allow it all to dry if it hasn't already.

Step 8

Now, take strips at right angles to each other and twist them round as in the picture and glue them together. I used a wee bulldog clip to hold in place till the glue dried.

See how it has the twist in it.The next picture is how not to do it!!!

I made the error so you dont have too!!!

Do the correct twist fold on all 4 corners and then again on the other star side.

Step 9(Nearly There!!)

Now lie the top star part onto the bottom one in line with the strips that are not attached.

Step 10

Thread the strips of paper though the centres of the curved loops and glue to them. (I again used the wee bulldog clips to hold in place while the glue dried.)Step 11

Once the glue has dried, trim off the excess paper so you have neat edges.

Step 12

High Five!!! You made it!!!!  Now you can decorate in whatever style you want. Add a ribbon or string if you want to have it hanging somewhere. You can make them using most sizes of paper. I have found that really fancy patterned papers dont look quite as good as simpler ones but thats just my taste. Here is how I decorated this one.


Spellbinders Die

Marianne Snowflake Die

Noel Die Preloved from Ebay.

Glitter Paper and Stickles Glitter Glue.

I hope this has been easy to follow. Enjoy your star making.