Faux calligraphy is basically a cheat’s way of hand lettering in a calligraphy style. The word faux means fake, false, made in imitation, so faux calligraphy can be created just by using a fine-tipped pen or pencil. Traditional calligraphy is written using broad-tipped instruments, or brushes, which give the letters that thicker downward stroke. The technique of faux calligraphy is simply adding an additional line, echoing the shape of the downward strokes. This therefore gives the letters that extra thickness in the correct, traditional places.

The benefit of faux calligraphy is that it is a quick technique to use. No additional tools are required and it is very easy to achieve. It looks amazing, transforming your normal writing.

This may be considered cheating at calligraphy, but it’s a technique that can help with understanding this style of hand let