crochet egg easter tree

Many people like to decorate a tree for Easter and spring. You can purchase one or make a tree with a wire frame, or else gather tall twigs in a large jar or vase which you can then decorate however you want.

Decorated blown out eggs or egg-shaped ornaments in paper mache or crochet are ideal, keep them light as your twig tree may struggle to support heavy ornaments. Colourful pompoms (hung individually or threaded together in a garland), ribbon bows and yarn flowers are also ideal decorations.

For a finished look, don't forget to decorate the container holding your twigs with ribbon or a paper band, or cover the stand of your tree with a doily or tree skirt.

You can find a pattern to crochet little eggs in this post - Last minute Easter ideas to crochet.

crochet egg patterns

Plant the seeds

With spring just around the corner, why not think about bringing the outside in? If you don't have a garden, plant kitchen herbs or flowering plants on your window sill; you watch them sprout and mature over coming weeks. If you have outside space, sow wildflower seeds for a flourishing garden later in the year.

easter tree idea

Get the kids creating

Your creativity doesn't need to be complicated and if you're working with, or around, small children, it may be best to keep things simple. Experience tells me that blowing eggs, or trying to decorate them with marble paints, may not be the easiest craft to tackle with young helpers. Potato printing egg shapes and making pompoms usually go down a treat. You can also make very effective bunting and simple flowers from coloured paper and a little glue. Stick to your chosen colour scheme and it will all come together.

Basket and containers

One thing you will notice as you start arranging your Easter decorations is that eggs have a tendency to roll about! The answer is of course the Easter basket, and there are lots of creative opportunities here too. You can make robust crocheted baskets using scrap fabric yarn, raffia, thick string or garden twine. A small basket is also a great way to try out a coiling technique with yarn, rope or fabric.

crochet egg basket

Look into local traditions

Most people are familiar with the edible traditions around Easter, such as Simmel cake, traditionally eaten on the middle Sunday in Lent, and hot cross buns, eaten on Good Friday. Why not look a little deeper into Easter traditions, especially in your local area? Whether it's an Easter parade, or maypole and morris dancing, or egg rolling, you might find some traditions to get you active in the spring sunshine.

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