There's nothing quite as useful as a drawstring bag and for many novice sewers it is an easy project to start learning to sew with.  One of the fantastic things about whipping up a drawstring bag is that you see the results really quickly as there's not much to it if you start with a basic pattern.

How to Sew a Drawstring Bag

The drawstring bag tutorials we've included below vary in difficulty and detail, however once you get the basic idea for a little bag like this you can start to add in your own details and embellishments.  Adding embroidered details, more interesting ties and using up fabric scraps to make a patchwork bag!

These drawstring bags can be used for all sorts of things and even just for keeping your fabric scraps in!  Kids PE Bags, Sports bags for yourself, laundry bags, dust covers for tablets and laptops or even a swimming or make-up bag if you add in a waterproof lining.

Which simple sewing projects did you start with?  We'd love to hear how you started sewing - leave us a comment!  At the end of every month we choose the best comment and send them a free copy of the magazine - for yourself or for you to give to a friend if you already subscribe! (PS - thank you to all of you who have subscribed already on our early bird offer! - It's 6 for the first 3 issues! - click here to sign up)

Dustbag sewing tutorial

Drawstring 'Dust Cover' Tutorial

Jesse has created this drawstring bag for a filofax as a little dust cover - perfect if you have little items you want to keep dust free or protected in a bigger bag.  We love the spotty fabric she has used with the bright yellow drawstring.

simple drawstring bag tutorial

Edged Drawstring Bag Tutorial

This drawstring bag has been made using fabric found in a charity shop - just goes to show you that sewing projects do not need expensive fabrics to look fantastic!  Adding the little gingham detail at the bottom of this bag is a great idea - you can use a cheap fabric for the body of the bag and use something a little extra special for the detail.

drawstring patchwork bag

Drawstring Patchwork Bag Tutorial

This is a stunning example of using up fabric scraps to make a little drawstring bag - why not use it in your sewing room for keeping all the little scraps in - to remind you how precious they are and how easily you can transform them into something really useful (and beautiful!).  If you made up your childs drawstring PE bag from patchwork you're children with definitely have the most beautiful PE Bags on their hooks!  This tutorial is not in English, but with the power of the internet you can quickly change that - most browsers will give you the option to translate the page (Try using Google Chrome if yours doesn't)

drawstring bag tutorial

Lined Drawstring bag Tutorial

This tutorial shows a beautiful lined bag - super clear step by step instructions as you can see from the image below. Jeni has also included a helpful video for learning how to box in the corners of the bag to allow it to 'sit'.  You could even use this design to make little bridesmaid bags - maybe in silk?!

drawstring bag tutorial detail

These cute drawstring bags were made using the same tutorial.


Drawstring Bags from Film in the Fridge

waterproof lining drawstring bag tutorial

A pretty drawstring bag tutorial with a waterproof lining made from a shower curtain! - This would be perfect for makeup!

Let us know what you've been working on and whether you'll be trying our drawstring bag.