For this technique I have used dies to make stencils, which have then been used with DIY glitter paste to create colourful custom backgrounds for these cards.

You can use any detailed die to make a stencil to use with glitter paste. Large background dies work very well but smaller dies can also be used. I would advise using a 300gsm card to die-cut the stencil so that it is thick enough to use with the glitter paste.

When using a plastic stencil, you would tape it in place while applying the paste, but I have found with a card stencil it is better to spray the back with repositionable adhesive as this will hold all areas of the stencil in place. Using the adhesive on the back also allows you to use a die-cut as a negative stencil as shown in the ‘happy birthday’ card.

DIY glitter paste is easy to make using Ranger Texture Paste and any coloured glitters you have. Just mix some of the paste with glitter as you need it and you can create your own custom colours of glitter paste. Once you have mixed the paste and glitter you can spread it over the die-cut card stencil with a palette knife. You can use different colours on the same stencil and blend a little of the different pastes for where they meet for a gradual change in the colours.

Work quite quickly with the paste and remove the stencil as soon as you have finished applying the glitter paste to prevent the card stencil getting stuck on the card piece. The stencil cannot be reused – but you can quickly cut another! The stencilled piece will need to be put to one side to dry for approximately one to two hours before completing the card design.

Try stencilling different coloured card with custom colours of glitter and see which dies make a great stencil.


Die-cut the butterfly border twice from 300gsm cardstock to use as the stencil. Tape the die-cuts together to make a longer border


Spray the back of the cardstock stencil with Stick and Spray, leave to dry for a minute then place onto the edge of a 10x21.5cm piece of cream cardstock


Place Texture Paste onto a craft mat in two areas. Add pink and gold glitter to each of the areas of paste and mix well with the palette knife


Spread the gold glitter paste over areas of the cardstock stencil with the palette knife