free crochet snowflake pattern collage

Make your little crochet snowflakes up in a sparkle yarn, or add glitter to make them twinkle like real snowflakes in the lights. There are 100's of crochet snowflake patterns available (many of them are free) that you could even make them all a little different, just as with real snowflakes, no two will be the same and you will have a set of beautiful heirloom decorations to enjoy every year.

crochet snowflake for sale

Crochet Snowflake by Flourish & Fly

Selling Your Crochet Work

You can also make snowflakes in sets to sell, use your crochet skills to make a little pocket money! There are lots of sites where you can add a pic of your makes and as long as you have a paypal account set up can sell anywhere in the world. You may find friends and family will order them too if you share a pic on your Facebook page.  

If you are using someone's original design you need to get their permission to sell the finished products. Once you have made up a few of these snowflake patterns you'll probably be able to design something special yourself.

The Best Free Crochet Snowflake Patterns

delicate crochet snowflakes

You can find 12 delicate snowflake patterns on this site to download for free - the snowflakes will need pinning out on a blocking board and stiffening, they won't look like snowflakes, or hang as decorations until you do this.

blocking crochet snowflakes

Luckily, they also have a really useful tutorial for stiffening the crochet snowflakes once you have made them - stiffening crochet

crochet snowflake free pattern

Grandma Jennie's crochet Snowflake pattern - find the free pattern here on Petals to picots. This just looks beautiful hanging in the window.

pretty picot snowflake

Petals to Picot's also has a tutorial for this pretty picot snowflake and there are two more beautiful patterns for snowflakes over on this site. We think you should definitely visit if you're a fan of crochet - you may be there a few hours!

amazing crochet snowflakes to make

Head over to and be sure to scroll down to the bottom where you will find the English version of this gorgeous pattern. She shows you how the snowflake looks before it is blocked and stiffened, it's really worth doing this step!

Over on Flower Girl Cottage you'll find another great tutorial and a brilliant idea to use these pretty snowflakes as gift tags.  

Need more inspiration? Look no further than our Pinterest board.  

We would love to see your snowflakes or if you have a blog post with a tutorial for a Christmas crochet decoration then please share it with us in the comments!