crochet owl patterns

There's something very popular about owls when it comes to craft, there are literally thousands of patterns available to knit sew and crochet with an owl motif... the big eyes, little beak and simple shape of an owl lends itself perfectly to being drawn and crafted.

In story books they are always wise, old friends who help people to follow the right path. We think you should definitely have some owl themed crochet in your home - to keep a watchful eye on you all.

Owls as a Symbol of Wisdom

A little history lesson! The connection between owls and wisdom goes back as far as ancient Greece, with the owl being the symbol for Athens - a city noted for their scholars, and Athena the patron saint of wisdom had owls as a symbol.  

Here are a few ideas and patterns for crochet owls and crochet with an owl motif.

Crochet Owl Baskets

crochet owl basket

This pattern is available on Etsy (here) at just under £4 - Deja Jetmir of Crochet Ever After includes tutorials for all the stitches you will need for this pattern, including how to work with 4 strands of yarn. That's what gives this basket its rigidity.

Find the tutorials here.

crochet owl basket free pattern

There's a very similar Crochet Owl Basket available on the Better Homes and Gardens website for free - it's more straight up and down

Find the pattern instructions for free here

Crochet Owl Bags

crochet owl book bag

This little owl bag with matching crochet apple holder is free to download from Anna Paula Rimoli on Ravelry

crochet owl pouch

This little crochet Owl Pouch is really cute - the pattern is free and can be found over on One Dog Woof

Crochet Owl Keyrings

crochet owl keyrings

These little crochet owl keyrings would make perfect gifts for a friend, or perhaps as a thoughtful end of term gift for a much loved 'wise' teacher. There's a really detailed tutorial on Bunny Mummy Blog here -

crochet baby owl keyrings

These little Baby owl ornaments, could easily be made into little keyrings - a great gift and they look fantastic in an array of rainbow colours. The pattern is free to download on ravelry here

Crochet Owl Blankets

owl motif crochet blanket

This would be such a sweet baby blanket, or you could make it bigger as a throw. The Pattern is by 'The Hat & I' and available to buy online from various sites - see the Hat and I Facebook Page for details

owl granny square

We spotted these Owl Granny Squares first on Dragana's blog 'Dada's Place' the pattern is from Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me. You could build up a lovely blanket using this granny square.  

We'd love to see your crochet owls - share them with us by tagging us on Instagram or posting a pic to our Facebook wall