Not only am I sharing the beautiful new spring, yes, spring! issue with you, but this week here in the UK we've had some very exciting news that there is light at the end of the lockdown tunnel! It's still a few months away, and it could all change, but, and I don't know about you, I have been ready for some good news and something to look forward to that's not just daily exercise. Fingers crossed we will be crocheting with our friends again soon, whether it be in the pub, in front of the TV, or anywhere that isn't just outside!

Now, onto crochet of course. This month the designers have put their artistic talents to great use and painted you a positively delightful collection of crochet patterns, inspired by art and artists. From Claude Monet and the Giverny Blanket to an adorable lion amigurumi version of Leonardo Da Vinci and a spot of Mondrian too, I hope you will find something to suit all your artistic tastes in this month's collection.

As well as the usual stylish accessories, creative blankets, and a fantastic ruffle wrap top from the talented Tiam Safari, the nerd in me cannot contain my excitement that we get to share an official Pok mon crochet pattern with you from the brand-new, officially licensed book. This is the reason why I started crocheting, and that's not made up, just ask my dad!

I hope you will also love your sweet new RSPB stitch markers and pattern collection this issue too, I had such wonderful feedback when we shared our first pattern book last year, I could not wait to work with the RSPB again to bring you another book of patterns from Sachiyo Ishii.

Stay safe,