We hope you had a wonderful start to 2020, and have plenty of crochet plans to keep you busy all through the year.

Issue 51 - on sale 9th January!

Have you ever noticed that there is a sort of music to the art of crochet? The way one stitch flows into the next to create something fluid and beautiful is very similar the way musical notes come together to create a beautiful piece of sound that can be soothing (like a simple chevron blanket to be crocheted in front of the TV) or exciting (like a colourful shawl) to something utterly unique (just like a crochet Harmonicat)! It is this, along with some of our favourite musicians and songs, that have inspired this month's stunning collection.

Go big and bold with Rosina Plane's Heart of Gold Blanket that uses mosaic crochet with an amazing effect! Or for something a little subtler, why not hook up Adinda Hening's Canon Wrap that uses filet crochet for a lovely effect? In between all these we have a fabulous poncho, a mindful mandala and a bag inspired by the humble cassette tape, which was the medium of choice for listening to music when we were growing up. How times have changed?

Speaking of nostalgia, we dare you not to fall head over heels in love with Sachiyo Ishii's Bagpuss pattern! She has perfectly captured him in crochet form, and you can too with our exclusive pattern.

We started ours as soon as we could!

We also hope you will get the most out of your brand-new treats this month, your fabulous new hat templates and how-to guides! Keep them in your crochet bag and whip up a hat in any size on the go, with no pattern needed! We can't wait to see what you all come up with.

Issue 51 is available to buy from your local supermarket, newsagent and craft store from Thursday 9th January but if you can't wait, order your copy online now, grab yours from Deramores, or why not treat yourself to a subscription and never miss an issue again?