Heya! I have another Creative Journaling process video to share with you all today. For this one I used the 36 half pan watercolour palette by Altenew!

Watercolours are something I thoroughly enjoy using in my journals, you can create many different patterns and effects with them. So if you don't have a large paper or embellishment stash, watercolours could be a good choice for you. They are easy to get the hang of and you have so much colour choice.

The palette is currently £26.99 (down from £29.99!), if you'd like to grab it for yourself, you can do so here:

Don't forget to come on over to the creative journaling group to share you pages with everyone over there! It's been lovely seeing everyone's creations: https://craftworld.com/s/creative-journaling

If you have any questions, be sure to let me know!

Daisy X