What is Canon Photo Cube?

The Canon Photo Cube is a fun way to store square-shaped photos which appeal across generations – whether they remind you of the retro prints of your youth or more modern social media shots – helping to create a portable photograph album the whole family can enjoy.

The Photo Cube can be displayed anywhere in your home, becoming a part of the decor, or it can be a thoughtful personalised photo gift for someone special. With a number of different packs and options, there's something to suit a range of needs.

Whether it's to document your special day, capture that perfect honeymoon sunset or immortalise an important friendship, many of us are constantly taking photos and creating memories. But often our favourite snaps are either left saved on a camera, memory card, in the cloud, or printed out and lost among household chaos.

Making physical copies of your photos makes them a part of your environment, giving them the attention they deserve and letting you browse through special memories with friends or display them somewhere prominent to make you smile every time you pass them. The Canon Photo Cube is specially designed to keep your images safe and easy to access, offering not just the perfect storage solution, but lots of potential ways to get creative and display your treasured moments, too.

If you are looking for a special way to store and display the photos from your Wedding day, looking for a gift for the perfect couple's anniversary or even a present for the bride and groom themselves, then Canon have options for you! A scrapbook is a great gifting idea, perfect to store pictures, but how about trying the Photo Cube instead? The box is the ideal storage for your photos and you can even fit your favourites around the outsides too!

The Canon Photo Cube is the perfect way to showcases the wonderful memories for a wedding be that your own special day or as a gift for your loved one. We also have Canon Creative Park on the job to help you decorate your Photo Cube with so many option to choose from including other crafts to help celebrate your special day!

Mr & Mrs Banners


This beautiful banner will be perfect for celebrating the big day, plus, will be the perfect photo opportunity for guest.

Love Birds Card


This fun yet simplistic style card will be sure-fire to let the bride and groom know how much they mean to you and will be treasured forever.

The Bride & Groom

This fun and creative Bride and Groom could not be easier to make with the help of Canon Creative Park!

Happy Wedding

This clean and sleek card is perfect for summer weddings with the bright pop of blue.

Bride & Groom Bears

These fun and innovative bears make the perfect crafty gift for any wedding and they will be sure to stand out in the crowd!

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