Due to an editing error, the incomplete yarn colours and shades were listed in the magazine. Please see below for a list of colours and corresponding West Yorkshire Spinners 4-ply shade names to be used in the pattern.  

Wendolene and Preston: 45m each in peach skin (A), light blue (B), white (C), red (D), yellow (E), brown (F) & dark peach/beige (H)  

Piella and Fluffles: 45m each in peach skin (A), white (C), red (D), brown (F) & hot pink (G)    

West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4-ply

Small amounts (approx. 45m) in:  

A = Lisianthus 281  

B = Blueberry Bonbon 365  

C = Marshmallow 011 or Milk Bottle 010  

D = Cherry Drop 529  

E = Butterscotch 240  

F = Nutmeg 630  

G = Sarsaparilla 545  

H = Cinnamon Stick 632  

Available from www.thefoundryworks.co.uk